Name Samuel Büechi
Date of birth 25.09.1958
Citizenship Schwellbrunn AR, Switzerland
1965 – 1977 Primary school in Speicher and grammar school in Trogen AR (Maturity exam type C)
1977 – 1982 Pharmacy studies at the ETH in Zürich
1982 – 1984 Pharmacy studies at the Pharmaceutical Institute of the University of Basle
1985 Assistance for pharmacognosy (Dr. Haerdi)
1986 – 1988 Assistance for pharmaceutical biology (Prof. Dr. Schaffner)
1986 – 1989 Doctoral thesis on “Healing and poisonous plants in the Botanical Garden at Brüglingen. Botanical, toxicological and pharmacological aspects” at the philosophical natural science faculty of the University of Basle with Prof. Dr. Schaffner and Prof. Dr. Linde
1983 – 1991 Technical director of the “Kräuterhaus Keller” in Speicher
1989 – 1990 Technical advisor for Phyteia AG in Herisau resp. Oberwil
1990 – 1991 Manager of the Lilien Apotheke AG in St. Gallen
Since 1989 Services for pharmaceutical Industries (Phytocon GmbH formerly Phyto Pharma Consulting Dr. S. Büechi)
Since 2000 Referent of SMGP (Schweizerische Medizinische Gesellschaft für Phytotherapie)
Since 2001 Substitute Pharmacist, e.g. in „Apotheke Goldach Madeleine Frei“ or Careland Apotheke und Drogerie, St.Gallen.
Since 2003 Mandates as responsible person for pharmacovigilance or for licence for medicinal products for different companies like e.g. UB Interpharm SA or Infai CH GmbH.