Developments by Phytocon

Thanks to its long experience and good networking with manufacturers of herbal medicines, laboratories, universities, authorities and doctors, Phytocon has been able to successfully help develop new products and rescue old approvals. In part, clinical studies were necessary, which were organized by Phytocon in eastern Switzerland.

As examples of such developments may be mentioned:

  • Phytovir, a herbal herbal cream that works just as well as the chemical aciclovir.
  • Sidroga Passiflor, a herbal tranquilizer syrup that is also suitable for children. It serves as an alternative to chemical sedatives for children based on promethazine.
  • Hederix mono, lozenges with ivy extract. The mucolytic effect of ivy is comparable to that of chemical mucus removers such as ambroxol.
  • Schmids rheumatism cream, a new development of an old recipe with arnica and essential oils as a replacement for chemical agents such as diclofenac